The program encourages student branches, young professionals as well as enthusiasts engineering of all ages to discover and experiement with sensors and micro electronics in the real world.

What’s on Board?

We provide a basic starter set as well as mentoring/support to launch you own stratosflight, including:

  • Pressure reducer and Attachement hose for 200bar Helium|Ballon gas cylinder
  • 2xTTGO LilyGO Units 969/868/434 MHZ,
  • Probe Unit
  • ApeCAM Camera
  • STRATO4 Datalogger
  • STRATO GSMFinder
  • Duct-Tape, Wires,
  • Rescue Parachute

Launch History

01.01.24IEEE Germany SectionOrtenburg
26.09.23IEEE Germany SectionBerlin
15.06.23IEEE Student Branch PassauPassau

If you are curious about this project or want to experiment yourself, please contact us at