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Workshop Session: Automating Exercise Assessment using MATLAB Grader

2. August 2023 @ 8:00 - 4. August 2023 @ 17:00 CEST

Dear researcher, GECon 2023 is announcing a new Workshop Session on August 02th-04th related to online grading and teaching. Online teaching demands efficient ways and tools to assess and assists learners’ progress, in this direction, we aim for this Workshop contributes an overview of the topic with illustrative examples. We look forward to seeing you at this hybrid conference!!!

ABSTRACT: One of the biggest challenges in STEM-education is the creation of motivating teaching materials including appropriate coding exercises for the classroom and assignments for homework. Additionally modern STEM-education requires the ability to monitor the progress of the participants in real-time to assess the learning outcomes. The main benefit of real-time observation is the ability to adapt the content accordingly to better address weaknesses of the classroom in an agile manner.
To address the first challenge, the creation of motivating teaching materials, you will learn how to generate digitalized interactive teaching materials as opposed to standard handwritten lecture notes (Word®, PDF, etc.). Such digitalized teaching materials foster engagement with the courseware by enabling classroom-courseware interactivity. In this workshop you will use MATLAB® Live Editor and MATLAB® Online to create and maintain interactive courseware materials. To address the second challenge, the automatic grading of exercises, you will discover how to replace the manual process of providing and correcting exercises through digital means. In this workshop you will apply MATLAB Grader™  to enable automatic grading/automatic feedback and real-time classroom observation.. Moreover, you will also learn how to integrate and use MATLAB Grader assignments into your Learning Management System of preference (Moodle, Canvas, ILIAS, etc.) to complete a seamless learning experience.