With pleasure, we announce the awarded project following the call for project proposals on educational topics in the first edition of the IEEE conference GeCon 2022. We congratulate to Sebastian Zug, Gero Licht, und Christian Bunse, Torsten Wieck from the institutions TU Bergakademie Freiberg, and Hochschule Stralsund, Germany, as the two awarded teams.

The project “From Simulation to Remote Real – Robots in Cross-University Teaching Assignments” plans to conduct teaching activities with student teams from the two universities TU Bergakademie and Hochschule Stralsund, in Germany. The bachelor students will develop technical skills in robotics while sharing common assignments and resources between the two academies. Instructors plan to develop methodologies supporting mixed academic programs.

The IEEE Germany Section awards travel grants to support the collaboration in teaching between two German academic institutions. The Section promotes faculty in conducting teaching projects across universities where students actively reach a technical goal and supervisors enhance their experience in project-based learning methodologies.

Applicants conducting teaching activities at universities (Professors, Instructors, Postdocs, Ph.D. students), may prepare a project proposal related to technical topics. The project has to be conceived to last one semester, where assignments must be conducted by student teams (Bachelor’s or Master’s degree) from two different universities in Germany. The IEEE Germany Section will provide funds for mobility to granted projects (Further details and call description are accessible in this link).


Jorge Torres Gómez

Head of Educational Activities


Nicolai Spicher

Head of University Relations