The “IEEE DACH PhD Lectures” is a new webinar series, launched and supported by 4 different IEEE chapters. This format allows PhD students to present their latest research results.

What is the motivation behind this format, and what is your benefit?

The local IEEE chapters are aiming to provide a new platform for academia and industry to help them identify local high-potential researchers and support PhDs in gaining visibility. Benefits for:

  • PhD students – Gain visibility within a highly competitive community
  • Academia – Dissemination of research topics and visibility within local IEEE communities
  • Industry – Overview of research topics and upcoming local PhD graduates

Who can apply for a presentation slot and how to apply?

If you are a PhD student (last year or at least 2nd year of study) AND you have already published at least one IEEE conference paper or journal, then this event is for you! Send your presentation, a short abstract and a related IEEE paper to the respective chapter chair or vice-chair (AT: Markus Makoschitz, Stefan Leitner, Thomas Strasser, GER: Marco Jung, CH: Drazen Dujic; Emails: below).

What Information do I need to provide?

  • Short abstract (~ 10 Lines)
  • Link to relevant publication

Who can attend the webinar?

IEEE chapter members of supporting chapters will receive an exclusive invitation to attend the series. The webinar is free for both, IEEE and non-IEEE members.

Societies and chapters, supporting this webinar:

Who can I contact if I want to apply or have further questions?