Germany Section has many members eligible for elevation to the grade of Senior Member. However, many members don’t know about this or were unsure if they qualify. Organized by the section’s membership development officers Stefan Burger and Thomas Kopfstedt, the Section thus launched a campaign in Spring, which is still ongoing. For this, Stefan and Thomas were busy contacting eligible members, helping them find references and offering advice in order to submit high quality applications. Elevations are decided by the Admission and Advancement (A&A) review Senior member panel meeting, taking place roughly every two months.

Since beginning of 2021, already 101 members were elevated until October. Congratulations to all newly elevated Senior Members! And Stefan and Thomas, keep up the good work!

NB: For information about the requirements to be elevated, please have a look here:
The list of newly elevated Senior Members can be looked up here (IEEE login required):