IEEE Germany Section


Benchmark for Project and Process Efficiency


IEEE TEMS German chapter offers a benchmark on Project and Process Efficiency.

Most benchmarks and audits address process definitions and do not evaluate the efficiency and transparency of the project and process management framework.

In practically all companies we worked in, process definitions were more or less well managed, while the implementation - management and tools of process and project information - were left to site and organization specific decisions. This results in a plethora of tools that hinder information exchange and information visibility. The price for this is delay, added work and cost for all stakeholders.

To ensure quality, staff must work less, not more. Efficiency, transparency and employee motivation within the project are the targets of our benchmark. We believe that project and process efficiency has a significant contribution to a technology company's balance sheet and must be in the focus of top management.

Participation is open for all interested companies. Participation effort will be around 2 person days (less effort if restricted to selected topics).

Participation and quantitative evaluation of the benchmark is available at a nominal fee. Detailed evaluation and support in measure definition are available upon request.

Contact toni.goeller(at) for participation and additional information.

Benchmark Sample