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IEEE WIE national meeting 2018

WIE German affinity group held a meet up for two days on the 20th and 21st of August. The meet up Took place in TUM, aside the CASE conference.

The first day included a meeting discussing the following

  • Getting to know all new members
  • How to make women participate more in WIE
  • What is the cause of German women not being involved in science engineering and technology
  • How to help women in facing the obstacles and get involved more in these areas.
  • How to make WIE Germany section affinity group more active and be present in technical events.
  • How to get involve and encourage company in supporting WIE.
  • What future events that can be prepared

The meeting also included a coffee break with CASE participates where there was a chance for networking.

After the meeting the ladies got a chance to get know each other more over dinner at
Augustiner Bräustuben and a city walk in the center of Munich.

The second day of WIE meet up included an amazing workshop on Voice- and speech
training with an expert coach included some exercises for voice training and speech
correction and introducing techniques for public speaking.
After the workshop the ladies headed to a lunch and networking session with all the others
CASE engineers and doctors coming from different universities around the world.

The second day afternoon was more technical, we visited Nokia Digital Creativity Lab. Met
couple of the engineers there and they took us on a tour inside the labs where we had the
chance to peek at future projects, ideas and new patterns worked on in Nakia labs now.