IEEE Germany Section


Workshop on Benchmarking Project Efficiency, 30.01.2015

Since 2013, IEEE TEMS Germany is pioneering quantitative evaluation of project efficiency, i.e. the way project related information is generated, shared and used for decision making in companies.

Efficient project handling significantly improves your margin and your ability to deliver. Inefficient project handling may put you out of business. The comparative IEEE benchmark indicates where your company is heading to.

The workshop was held at BMW Welt, Munich, Germany, and presented selected results drawn from the IEEE Benchmark on Project and Process Efficiency.


  • Toni Goeller, MINcom, Hartmut Fischer, Kathrein: Savings, Customer and Employee Satisfaction: The Potential of Data Integration and Process Efficiency
  • Marek Cichowski, Seamless QM: Key Learnings and Benefits from Benchmark Phase 1
  • Tom Hauspy, Intel: Food for Thought: cynefin and the Adaptive Project Manager
  • Helmut Lagger, GPP Communication: QM as a Driver of Productivity
  • Tomasz Bienkiewicz, REC Global: IEEE Benchmark in REC Global – Identifying Needs of Improvement
  • Wolfgang Heinbach, Laura Gugelfuß, D+D+M: Documentation and Successful Companies – How this is Linked Up
  • Paolo Marini, Prisma Telecom Testing: Why IEEE Benchmark? Prisma’s Experience