IEEE Germany Section



Our Roots

The MTT/AP Joint Chapter is looking back on a history of several decades and is one of the oldest Chapters in the IEEE Germany Section. It was officially founded back in 1983/84 when 14 founder members signed a Petition to form a German Microwave Theory and Techniques (MTT) branch back in 1983/84.

Chairmen's Archive

The operations of the MTT/AP Joint Chapter were always determined by a committee of dedicated volunteers from within the RF and Microwave Community.

The following table shows a list of the past Chapter Chairs: 

Period Past Chairs
2018-2019 Peter Knott (Chair), Christian Damm (Vice Chair)
2016-2017 Peter Knott (Chair), Martin Vossiek (Vice Chair)
2014-2015 Peter Knott (Chair), Georg Boeck (Vice Chair)
2012-2013 Georg Boeck (Chair), Peter Knott (Vice Chair)
2010-2011 Georg Boeck (Chair), Peter Knott (Vice Chair)
2008-2009 Klaus Solbach (Chair)
2006-2007 Wolfgang Heinrich (Chair)
2004-2005 Wolfgang Heinrich (Chair)
2002-2003 Wolfgang Heinrich (Chair)
2000-2001 Wolfgang Menzel (Chair)
1998-1999 Wolfgang Menzel (Chair)
1995-1997 Nigel Keen (Chair)
1992-1995 Fritz Arndt (Chair)
1991-1992 Hans L. Hartnagel (Chair), Just-Dietrich Büchs (Vice Chair)
1989-1991 Hans L. Hartnagel (Chair), Just-Dietrich Büchs (Vice Chair)
1987-1989 Peter Russer (Chair), K. Fischer (Vice Chair)
1985-1987 Rolf H. Jansen (Chair), B. Adelseck (Vice Chair)
1984 Petition and Foundation: Nigel Keen (Interim Chair)