IEEE Germany Section




WIE Germany talk in WIE Summit at EMC+SIPI IEEE 2020 Virtual Conference


On Tuesday 25.08.2020, WIE Germany gave an interesting talk with the title 'Programming Yourself for Success' as part of the IEEE WIE Summit in the 2020 IEEE EMC+SIPI virtual conference.


In addition to WIE Germany's talk, the summit featured:

  • 'Unlocking Your Brilliance' Keynote - Karen Purcell
  • 'Programming Yourself for Success' - WIE Germany, presented by Ilknur Colak and Israa Slim
  • Panel Discussion + Q&A
  • Networking


Female as well male participants from different countries joined this WIE summit. They heard stories of career success and strategies for how to achieve meaningful progress in STEM careers. They also asked questions to the presenters and unlocked secrets to help their career take off.