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Prof. Andrea Massa, "Inverse Problems in Electromagnetics - Challenges and New Frontiers"

Inverse problems arise when formulating and addressing many synthesis and sensing applications in modern electromagnetic engineering. Indeed, the objective of antenna design, microwave imaging, and radar remote sensing can be seen as that of retrieving a physical quantity (the shape of the radiating system, the dielectric profile of a device under test, and the reflectivity of an area) starting from (either measured or “desired”) electromagnetic field data. The aim of this talk is to provide a broad review of the current trends and objectives in the development of innovative inversion methodologies and algorithms. Toward this end, after a review of the liter ature on the topic, different classes of methodologies aimed at combining prior and acquired information (possibly in an iterative fashion) will be discussed, and guidelines on how to apply the arising strategies to different domains will be provided, along with numerical/ experimental results. The open challenges and future trends of the research in this area will be discussed as well.

Prof. Massa is the director of the Electromagnetic Diagnostics (ELEDIA) Research Center, with a staff of more than 30 researchers located in the headquarters at the University of Trento and in offshore labs. More Information on the speaker and the presentation is given in this PDF-File.

Distinguished Lecturer Presentation to be held on Tue, 14 June 2016, 10:30 h at

Fraunhofer FHR
Gebäude 3, Raum 256
Fraunhoferstr. 20
53343 Wachtberg

Note: Visitors should register in advance, please contact