IEEE Germany Section




MTT/AP Chapter members voluntary activities


Voting Member

R. Weigel bis 2017 (2014: MTT-S President)

A. Jacob bis 2017 (2014: AdCom Secretary)

D. Kissinger seit 2017

Awards Committee

R. Weigel

Budget and Publications Committees

D. Kissinger

Inter-Society and Image & Visibility Committees

A. Jacob

Meetings & Symposia Committee

D. Kissinger, T. Ußmüller, M. Vossiek, T. Zwick, I. Rolfes, J. Sachs


R. Weigel

Future Directions

D. Kissinger, R. Weigel, T. Ußmüller, A. Jacob

Technical Committees

Microwave Acoustics (MTT-02)

A. Hagelauer, H. Maune, A. Tag

Microwave & mm-Wave ICs (MTT-06)

R. Quay, D. Kissinger

Biological Effect and Medical Applications of RF and Microwave (MTT-10)

C. Damm, G. Fischer, D. Kissinger

Microwave Low-Noise Techniques (MTT-14)

M. Rudolph

Microwave Field Theory (MTT-15)

A. Beyer, C. Damm, P. Russer, U. Siart

Microwave Systems (MTT-16)

C. Damm, A. Jacob, A. Kölpin, R. Knöchel, N. Pohl, M. Vossiek


Volker Ziegler, Executive Boards

RFID Technologies (MTT-24)

T. Ußmüller

Wireless-Enabled Automotive and Vehicular Applications (MTT-27)

T. Zwick, C. Waldschmidt, M. Vossiek, A. Stelzer

Editorial Boards

Electron Device Letters (EDL)

R. Quay, Associate Editor

Microwave and Wireless Components Letters (MWCL)

T. Zwick, Editor-in-Chief

Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques (MTT)

M. Vossiek, Associate Editor

C. Damm, Associate Editor

Transactions on Electronic Devices

M. Thumm, Editor

Transactions on Antennas and Propagation (AP)

L. Klinkenbusch, T. Kürner, D. Manteuffel, Associate Editors

IEEE Journal of Electromagnetics, RF and Microwaves in Medicine and Biology (J-ERM)

C. Baer, C. Damm, G. Fischer, Associate Editors


M. Vossiek, MTT-S FS Conference ExCom Chair für die ICMIM

C. Waldschmidt, General Co-Chair ICMIM 2018

C. Waldschmidt, TPC Co-Chair ICMIM 2017


C. Damm, A. Hagelauer, A. Jacob, D. Kissinger, A. Kölpin, H. Maune, A. S. Omar, N. Pohl, T. Ußmüller, M. Vossiek, C. Waldschmidt, R. Weigel, I. Wolff