Education Society Germany Section Chapter

The German EdSoc Chapter (Education Society) represents an integrative component of the Germany Section of IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.). It is operating in the framework of the IEEE Education Society. 



The general purpose of a 'chapter' as defined by IEEE policy is:

"to assemble individuals with similar technical interests together for informative technical meetings and for networking."

The main aims of the German EdSoc Chapter target at shaping the theoretical and practical foundations of and creating accessible engineering education. These aims particularly support and promote the global aims of IEEE.

Further specific aims can be grouped into the following categories:

  • Build a fit for work network of educators, researchers, developers, producers, and users;  
  • Establish a sufficient  alliance between this network and the society;
  • Improve personal communication and project related information sharing.


Nowadays interdisciplinary offerings that allow for experience and information exchange  between the above mentioned parties frequently lack the concept, shape and level of interactivity. It is a problematic issue to find an effective interface that reflects the various fields of interest, and the professional backgrounds with simultaneous consideration of engineering education.

The Education Society aims at picking up those weaknesses and breaking new ground. The foundation of the German EdSoc Chapter is a part of the IEEE Education Society expansion. The rapid development of EdSoc Chapters around the world provides an improved basis for accessing various experts and technical contents that are associated with the Education Society. It also allows Education Society members to profit from the advanced opportunities toward sharing experience and information.


The German EdSoc Chapter focuses on educational methodology and materials, modern and future educational technologies, curricula for various educational und professional developments within electrical engineering, information, and computer technology, and associated disciplines.

General Information

  1. The scheduled activities of the German EdSoc Chapter are also open to colleagues who are not associated in the IEEE Education Society. This policy contributes to the improvement of the attractiveness and acceptance of the events offered in the framework of the German EdSoc Chapter. In addition, it supports the global and specific objectives of the German EdSoc Chapter. 
  2. An important attribute of the German EdSoc Chapter is the close cooperation with national organizations and associations.


The German EdSoc Chapter has already scheduled technical meetings related to various fields of interest. The events range from highly technical, to examining societal impact of technology, to business and professional issues, to purely social events.  

Ideas of one's own, suggestions, contributions, text and/or photos, are very welcome - please send your contributions - in any format convenient to you - in an E-Mail message to the Chapter Chair.

Please use the electronic feedback mechanisms on this web site to tell us your views on what events you feel are desirable and any other aspect that you feel is important. IEEE is for IEEE members - tell us what you want! The German EdSoc Chapter needs your input.


Dr. Fanny Klett